Where I’m At: Sixteen Months On T

So, I’m going to post some info about my own journey on hormone replacement therapy and what not. I’m doing so in the hopes that maybe talking about it may help some other AFAB people who are on testosterone as well, or who are hoping to get on testosterone in the future.

I started testosterone on March 1, 2016. I started on gel and moved to shots after that. I have been on different doses. March 1st – July 1st means sixteen months on T for me so far, yay!

It’s important to note I have also been on lower doses of T since my journey began.

Since starting testosterone, here’s just a few of the things I have experienced:

-Increase in body hair growth, including more hair in places where I had hair before, and new hair in places where I never had it.

-Lots of different places on my face where I am now growing hair. However, sadly, while still living with my conservative father, I am forced to shave on a regular basis. Sometimes I let it go for a few days if I’m working a lot and know I won’t cross paths with him. But if he saw it, I’d be kicked out. I was temporarily banned from living here for a few months earlier this year, but have been staying here a little in the summer until my girlfriend and I can move in together.

-A LOT of increased muscle mass; especially in my upper body.

-Increased libido and growth “down there”.

-My hair line has receded at least a little, but it is noticeable.

-I have gained more weight around my mid-section, but I hope to start getting back to the gym soon so I can work it off.

-My voice has dropped but is continuing to drop. Other people notice it much more than I do and I notice it more when I compare it to old videos of me speaking and singing. The drop in my singing voice is actually much more noticeable than the drop in my speaking voice, too. I can especially tell my voice is different, however, when I sneeze or cry. Really. My sneeze is much different. So is my voice when I’m crying!

-I can see changes in my face.

-My period stopped for about three months and then started up again. Recently, though, it has been super light so I hope it will stop again.

-I sweat WAY more. Like seriously. What the heck?

-My eyebrows grow together faster. I don’t know why. . .

And much, much more. . .

At my last endo appointment, I was told my testosterone levels are in the 500’s, which is good. However, my estrogen levels are high. I know that a lot of the FtM community frowns upon using supplements and such, but I have started using DIM (diindolymethane) in order to help balance out my estrogen levels. I’m not sure if this will help, but I guess we will see.

I will point out that in doing research for supplements that help decrease estrogen, I found a lot that decrease estrogen in folks assigned male at birth, but most of the same ones INCREASED estrogen in folks assigned female at birth. However, with DIM, I feel the research points toward decreasing estrogen levels in both. That is part of why I decided to give it a try.

My next appointment with the endocrinologist is on Halloween. And hopefully at that point, I will have had top surgery done and changed my legal gender marker, both of which I’m working on. I have my name changed and my gender changed on my driver’s license (working on having it changed on my birth certificate).

Thanks for reading!


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